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The main reason an Antenuptial Contract is so important is to protect you from insolvency of your spouse. There are many other benefits and a well structured Antenuptial Contract can save you from having many problems in the future.


The reason you need an Antenuptial Contract

With all the wedding planning- choosing clothes, a venue, decor- the last thing on your mind could be the Antenuptial Contract yet this is one of the most important aspects of registering your marriage.

If you do not have an Antenuptial Contract signed before you register your marriage it will automatically be a marriage In Community of Property (In COP).

A marriage In COP can be very limiting as you need your spouses written consent for a number of transaction and whats worse is that you share liabilities too. If one spouse becomes insolvent then unfortunately because it is a joint estate - both spouses are insolvent and creditors can attach your assets.

An Antenuptial Contract is thus vital to protect against the possible insolvency of one of the spouses.

I have extensive experience in advising couples on the best type of contract and with structuring the Antenuptial Contract to their requirements.

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